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Sunday, February 3, 2008
Just today, I found out about something called contact dermatitis which is an inflammatory reaction when an external substance comes into direct contact with the skin..causing skin dryness, redness, itching, flaking, scaling, cracking, blistering and pain...
And..guess who got it...T__________T
sob sob...after the start of industrial training...(kitchen first)..my hands started to get dry..
I didnt bother much..cause it affected only 2 fingers..
Then on Thursday 8 of my fingers (all except for my pinkyx2)...were all dry and my skin started peeling like nobody's business..till its super dry..
It hurts like hell when it touches hot things..the first layer of the skin is gone..
Just today went to see doctor..because of flu..then together asked him about my skin..and he said it was...contact dermatitis..so i checked it out...
Its not fair..how come i get it..and others won't at all..no matter wat..T__T

Anyway..about the training at third floor...2 more days and i am of to be front of the house..after chinese new year break of 5 days..
It was hell of a hectic in this past few days..
with 3 days straight function..lucky its over..but..busy means business is good and..we get to learn more things..

ps:.....I HATE DETERGENT..!!!

anyway...I wan to have a CNY gathering at my house..those interested pls contact me asap..and tell me the dates u guys are available..between 6-9..Feb...maybe 8 or 9 since most will balik kampung and all..