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And they call me Magnum

Tuesday, January 22, 2008
I'm in Eest now. Bye Prego. *sob sob*

Darren's there. Not sure how he is.

Anyway... Here's a brief runthrough on what I learned the time I was in Prego.

1. Sarcasm has to be taken with a pich of salt.
2. Wash face can be done anytime as long as you finish your work.
3. Make arenchini.
4. Real Italian pizza.
5. Just because they chef looks fierce doesn't mean he is.
6. Girls are generally treated better.
7. I know the difference between farina flour and semolina flour.
8. Garlic bread Italian style!
9. Tomato dip.
10. Baked oyster.
11. Shucking oyster hurt after doing a few hundred.
12. Eggplant timbale.
13. Beef carpaccio.
14. Cook risotto.
15. Gossiping is generally allowed. *smirks*
16. Don't tell on your colleagues to your big boss (especially the BIG one, not just the dept head) before confronting them. Be honest or they will ostracize you. (Not pretty, this one.)
17. I quote Jon. "Ask whenever whatever." Seriously. But not exactly when they're uber busy at the hotplate plating food for 25. That's called suicide people.

Did I mention I got left by the train because I was shy of a 10 sen coin and friggin' 7 Eleven didn't have change? OMG I was so pissed. I took a cab back, luckily before 12, and it cost me RM 25. Now broke, I pray it'll never happen again.

Thinking clearly now, why didn't I just buy a cheaper ticket? Setia Jaya doesn't even check. Idiot.

Remember how I use to complain about having to work through my split shift? Now I had a split shift yesterday and found it so mind-numbingly boring I i think I'll work through split and still go home at 10. Learn more this way.

Now there's a celebrity chef in Eest doing a showcase, Mark Best of Australia. So things are going slower for the kitchen. I'm resting on my laurels, my ass looking like pancakes. Did I mention I tired foie gras which is so overrated (unless you start saying it's an acquired taste). It's oily, creamy and bitter, very me-muakkan. And Eest is serving Yee Sang so I've strated leaning how to do it.

And since I'm an employee, I get a 50% percent discount on food purchased there. So Yi Lin, if you still want to continue the plan, tell me and I'll order us Yee Sang with Yellow Fin Tuna for less than RNM 50!!! XDD

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