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The brownie attack...

Monday, January 21, 2008
Hey there readers, I shall explain the meaning about the title later, for now, let's read/write about what's been going on with my traning shall we? Well, i'm starting to finally get used to the workload here, just yesterday we had a full house and I was stationed at stewarding again because the steward was having his off day. And then came the full house, the restaurant was bloody packed, with guest finishing eating, leaving, and having another new batch come take their place. And guess what, I didn't die. I actually relished it, I don't know why, but I was excited. I didn't groan when loads of plates were coming, I accepted, started washing, and hummed a tune.(Seriously.)

But, of course, I needed some help in the end. Why? Cause it was bloody impossible to finishing washing and clearing up at 11:30 if help was not there. Try washing, putting plates in the dishwasher, closing the dishwasher, washing plates for the next tray, open the dishwasher, push the tray out, put in another tray, put the plates in the tray, wash plates summore until the tray is full, close the dishwasher, take the plates from the first tray, and put them in place around the kitchen, come back, open the dish washer, and cycle through from the start again. Too much bloody time, so why not, have another person carry the plates, while you wash? Easy. It finally ended when the kitchen closes(At 10:30, the kitchen is considered closed) But those were the plates only, we still had to clean up the kitchen(Washing lots of the kitchens utensils) But it was fun nevertheless.

Ah now for the brownie attack, the kitchen was empty, both the heads were out making calls for diliveries, and the rest were on break, while I was in there, already had my break, to fend for myself. I thought I could, guess I was wrong. An order came in for 1 brownie dessert. So I took the brownie out, put it in the microwave to reheat. I remembered one of them set the timer on 1:30 mins. So I set it to that and waited. As the beep sound appears, and one of the heads return. I told him about the brownie, and as he opened it...the brownie was sizzling, and smoke was coming out. It was supposed to be only for 30 seconds. But, instead of him fuming, and me getting depressed, we started laughing out loud. Come on, it was bloody stupid, but funny. The other crew started running in from the back, checking to see what had happened, the head told them and they also started laughing. They were scolding me in a good natured and friendly way, laughing, while telling me next time, be on the safe side and if your not sure, just set it to 30 seconds.

Moral of the story: Don't Assume you remember unless you remember it clearly. Mistakes happen mate, don't sweat about it. If the Chef scolds you hard for doing such a stupid thing, don't take it personally, it's just there for you to learn. Learn from your Mistakes of course as everyone says it.

I also had a Mexican Item Attack, lots of Mexican orders came flying in when I was stationed in the cold kitchen, it was hell.

Anyways, I gtg, write about something else some other time, chiowz.

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