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Monday, January 28, 2008
Today was pretty uneventful, starting the day out with doing the centre piece yee sang. During split shift I ended up staying back to help cos' seriously, I was too bored. I ended up eating a piece of every dim sum I made with one of the Commis. I didn't have to worry too much about dinner after that. XP

Except for a certain carelessness that left me with a knife cut through the nail of my forefinger into the flesh. Usually knives stop short of your nails, that's why we have them. Surprised? It actually protected my fingers from uncountable cuts that could've cut my fingers off. This time though, the knife is sharper and sliced cleanly into my nail. *Ouch*

Then the chef gave me a cute lil' plaster, bright yellow with pictures of animals wearing shirts playing around. Mader... I don't think it was on purpose... XP

Tonight due to something that has something to do with the head, we had cause for celebration (of sorts). Mind you, it wasn't a celebration for him. Haha... The point is that yee mee with Boston lobster is not something you get often, and the taste is not too shabby. You understand I can't be too explicit right?

So with a full stomach and a nice relaxing time chillin' in the cafeteria waiting for Han and Yi Lin, using the internet and drinking free coke, with an off day tomorrow, what more could I ask? Eat your hearts out DC!!

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