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I know...I know

Friday, January 18, 2008
I know what you mean Maynard. Cooking again really makes one do things 10 times better, It lights back the fire in ones-self. Basically, I didn't cook, I just made. I was relocated to the cold kitchen because of the short handed staff today(2 were having their off day and the head chef for this outlet was sent to another outlet to help) Even though "The Chef" was there, it was hard.

First off, it started with the lunch service, the usual boring service. It was packed, downstairs was full so they had to send people upstairs, orders were just flying in and the kitchen was like what it's supposed to be. Noisy, Hot, with lots of movement, and excitement. And me in Cold Kitchen assigned to make the Maxican Items. It was great. I was going and going, finally keeping up with the pace. Plate settings were up, orders were delivered, and I was finally happy and loving it like I used to in college(To tell you the truth, it really is shitty doing mise-sen-place, takes away your soul) And we had to prepare for the dinner b'day function, which means, overtime. But it was great still. Then came the dinner service, I felt so much pressure. Thank god for "The Chef" being there, if he wasn't, we were screwed. To break it into points, we had our experienced butcher in one of the hot sections, "The Chef" in the other, experienced Cold Kitchen Chef, an experienced multi tasker, and a noob trainee. And it went well, although it was really hectic. The multi tasker was in the hot section helping "The Chef" but the Cold Kitchen really needed help(Because of me I admit, It was my first time doing it) We were moving, I was moving alot faster now, "The Chef" was firing orders and taking command as he always has. It was fun and tiring. The Function went smoothly, except for the "Borito" turning into an "Echiladas" bit(My Fault, I didn't roll it properly, it wasn't supposed to be flat, didn't know that, Ooops) We were laughing about it after work.

What did I learn today?
1)Mexican Items settings

2)How hot it should be when you heat the item up for usage
3)How to enjoy a break
4)How great cooking is
5)How to Make Guacamole
6)How to Make Salsa

7)How to Cut Fast
8)How to ask questions whenever and wherever

9)How essential harmonization is in a kitchen

Ok, till next time then, chiowz.

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